Definition Of Stress

The first time we used the concept stress, was in a work published in 1936 by Hans Selye. The stress is defined as: a nonspecific response of the body to any requirement. It occurs as a reaction to a stimulus called stressor and implies a process of adaptation that is manifested by changes in hormone levels. Based on this definition, Esteve reveals the biological dimension of stress, i.e., the human being as a whole respond organically, with changes in the organism to any stressor that affects the person. Trianes, 2002, in the book stress in childhood asserts: the concept of stress involves at least four factors:-presence of a situation or identifiable event. -This event is capable of altering the physiological and psychological balance of the body. -This imbalance is reflected in a State of Activation marked by a series of consequences for a person of kind neurophysiologic, cognitive and emotional.

-These changes, in turn, disrupts the adaptation of persons. If we analyse all these definitions stress occurs in the person who responds to a stimulus, both inside and outside, as a unitary whole but that stress is not directly measured as weight or mass, but the body responds by altering its operation and this alteration causes some internal and external symptoms that define stress. Therefore, the definitions given on that concept could be grouped into three approaches: 1 stress as a stimulus. 2nd stress as 3rd response approach interactive first, is defined stress as a stimulus or environmental condition when it is dedicated to identify the different sources of pressure that affect persons and to the study of the responses physiological, cognitive, and behavioral consequences of such pressure. Example of that It would be excessive work, high responsibility in an event, etc. If deemed as response defined stress as the signs of stress, i.e., they are the answers Psychophysiological and behavioural that would define stress.

Stress System

The pace of daily life, do not have time for anything, lack of exercise, or breakfast without just nutrients deficient products or ingest anything to eat, among other aspects it may cause us stress and even anxiety. We have to get used to changing some habits >-tries to know that it is causing you stress, for example if it is for every day that you are very busy try modify it.-reduces any product containing caffeine and sugar refined since they alter the nervous system and leave him vulnerable to stress-reducing tobacco (in the case that you smoke)-tries to do things during the day that you like and encourage you.-performs a minimum of exercise-search time for relax-breakfast correctly, as for example whole grains biological (oats, muesli), vegetable drinks, dried fruits, yogurt, fruit, etc. Beneficial for stress supplements >-Group b vitamins are essential for a proper functioning of the Royal Jelly-nervous system: tones the nervous system, and reduces the tiredness-yeast of beer: It contains vitamins of Group B will help to reduce stress, and also contains all the essential amino acids (is very energetic and nutritious) – Omega 3: essential fats to the brain and reduce the cholesterol-Multivitaminico-mineral: stress may cause you some vitamin or mineral deficiency and multivitamins help you recapture them.-Adaptogens: maca, ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Una de gato, rhodiola, etc. All these supplements can help you reduce stress because they help the organism to adapt to all kinds of situations.

Irresistable Goal

An Irresistible goal is a statement that has the approval of the subconscious mind. It is a contract, it is an agreement of creation. An Irresistible goal is a goal that will be automatically materialized, but besides this, also materialize very, very quickly. The irresistible targets are specially designed to get things very, very quickly. Most people are surprised lucky that other people have.

It seem as if these people go through life getting everything what they want, without any effort. What is his secret? How they get all what you want with ease? What is the secret of his good fortune? You’re people are able to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind and why get everything what they want, practically effortless. Do can I get I turn me into someone with good luck? Do I become lucky? How I make flow the abundant richness to my life achievement? Goal setting as is indicated in the book the secret of the power of the goals. Powerful goals and/or irresistible targets that give you anything they want in life. An Irresistible goal is a powerful tool for reaching an agreement of conscious and subconscious creation between the minds.

When you achieve that agreement, it will be, almost literally, fired toward the thing that you want. After reading the secret of the power of the goals you will be experiencing an enormous wealth, an incredible good luck, a joy without limits and all the good and desirable of this wonderful life. Is it easy to learn how to formulate goals irresistible? What is required? The use and exploitation of this incredible technology, only requires literacy, know how to write and follow a few simple instructions. This technology is accessible to all you world, it is easy to use, easy to apply and is easy to be surprised by the results it produces. With an Irresistible goal you will discover that it is a powerful being. An Irresistible goal gets results so shocking, you will arrive at the conclusion that in its interior is all the power, all the glory, all the wisdom. What they most want? What halts it reach it? If you want to get prosperity, if you want to flow with the wealth, if you want happiness, if you want better relations, if you want to be more spiritual, if you want to be able to staff, if you are lucky to be his companion, then read the secret of the power of the goals and make things happen. Someone once said that there are people who feel to see how things happen and there are others that make things happen. I can tell you that you there are those who will continue complaining about their lives and blaming others, and there are those who read the secret of the power of the goals and become successful, rich and happy people. It is your right to be a prosperous, happy, attractive and Afortunada person. That right shall require it by setting goals irresistible.

Being a Winner

Carlos Mora Vanegas while stay alive in this dimension, we are committed to not ever lose the goal of being a winner in all things where we operate, in which undertake, it will all depend of as we know how to manage our energy potential, our knowledge of autoconocernos, know how we act, how we prepare in everything we want to achieve, do not forget that we must be the bestgive the best we have on the basis of our growth. Since then, we have two significant roles as the winner in our performance, the spiritual, which is the transcendental, that which nourishes our soul, which gives way to its growth and us leads to optimal levels of consciousness, knowing the opportunity to properly handle our potential, our experience, and put into practice all that learning we have been acquiring through our demonstrations at these levels. Is the material role, physicist, also the common, the one that offers us fame, illusions, material satisfactions, recognition, money, works, that not to know them handle, be attentive in its effects may damage us in our spiritual success. In this regard, we try to expose some aspects that should be considered when you have the decision to become be a winner, be Deicide in it. To do so, some suggestions, opinions, warnings have been taken into consideration, advice which we believe can help in this goal. Without a doubt, we shall confine ourselves to what we consider important to be evaluated, thoughtful, taken into account. Considerations, suggestions someone wrote that you’ll be a winner if it takes into account: when your selfishness does not limit your ability to love when you trust yourself though all doubt it and stop worrying that you will say when you know distinguish the smile of mockery and prefer the eternal struggle to false victory when you act out of conviction and not by flattering when you can being poor without losing your wealth and rich without losing humility when you know forgive easily when you now apologize when you know give your silence who do not ask the word and your absence who doesn’t appreciate you when you don’t try to find answers in the things that surround you but in your own person when you accept mistakes and don’t miss the calm.