It prescribes the projection of the prescription was based on the quarterly average of 2009 and the price of sales for ton of the mix of products of the company. In the fertilizer division the unitary price was used increased description of the inflation expectation. As the finding prepared for BB Banco de Investimento s.a., the rude operational prescription will have growth of 1% in every year of 2010 up to 2016 and 2% in every year of 2017 up to 2020. 3.3.4 Cost of the vendidos products (CPV) the prices of the raw material used in the productive process had been projected as historical of the company. The transformation costs (energy, hand of workmanship and others) had been projected in accordance with the unitary cost for ton of copper in 2009 increased by the projected IPCA, remaining itself 10% (ten percent) and 14% enter (fourteen percent) on the total cost.

The fixed costs if had kept around 1% on total, projected costs on the basis of 2009 increased of the projected IPCA. Adopted depreciation uses the historical average (2007 the 2009) of 12,6% to the year. 3.3.5 Expenditures with sales the expenditures with sales follow the quarterly percentile averages (2008 and 2009), for presenting small variations. 3.3.6 Overheads and administrative overheads administrative they also follow the quarterly percentile averages (2008 and 2009), for presenting small variations, considering a small reduction due to the profit of synergy in the consolidation of the companies Caraba and Eluma. 3.3.7 Necessity of Capital of turn the necessity of turn capital corresponds to the average of the closed rockings of 2007 the 2009, being projected 42 (forty and two) days for the average stated period of act of receiving, 83 (eighty and three days) for the average stated period of supply and 81 (eighty and one days) for the average stated period of purchases.

Leopoldina Together

I know that the afternoon was D. Leopoldina for all. – All the afternoon! How nonsense! it was ten minutes, if in such a way! Jorge took off the gloves, been silent. Arriving at the window, one set to take care of it of some plants being whistled. He turned himself impatiently widening the collar as a suffocated man: – He hears there, is necessary that you leave for a time to receive this creature. – But it was the Juliana left that it – Lusa mumbled. – It is necessary to finish for a time! Not for me but for you! Because of the neighbors, of the decency! – Already it was above, coitada – Ordered to go down it. It asked for to the Juliana to say that it is deceived, you were it are, without schedule to come back! – I could not Per as many years we were friends.

My rich one, loved of my life, knows it to the whole world, is one lady of vices, of loving, tutti quanti, a shame to bring shame and until disasters who with it walks or has accepted some of its colloquies or enleios! – That Juliana – Lusa opposed and with some anger muttered. – Nor it to me needed to say, everything smells the hay here! This horrible one I smell of hay! – I have as much esteem the Leopoldina Together servants, we dream a world of flowers – I know It was turned aside, however, the tortos ways and of thorns its friend, and if the meeting, in the stairs or here on, I say to it: Please, skirt, this home is decent place, lady! Please, skirt! not volts more! – As to blame it for the life that it has, for the emptiness of love in its house that does not arrive to be a home, for the searches it are of the not joined happiness – You are to justify it! You pray, we go, Lusa, confesses.

Disneyland Paris

The city of Paris has a great cultural and artistic importance in our times, to walk by the city is to give a stroll by history, for that reason there are places that cannot be stopped visiting: The Arc of the Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Defen, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and Opera Garnier. Paris is a city of dream can only enjoy that it, in pair and vacations with children by its multiple activities in family who offers. Some museums and monuments offer visits and factories for children as of 3 years, so that the responsible parents or adults can cross to their rate the facilities. In these factories their children can play to transform themselves into inventor, architect and a genius of the art. But a place that cannot stop visiting is the Amusement park Disneyland Paris, a place where the adventure and the recreation flow by all the corners of 5 thematic territories of the Park. It is an excellent way to take to all the family extraordinary and funny to an adventure that remembered for all the life. The magic of Disney does not have age, so that whole family can share the illusion to greet the Personages of Disneyland Paris in person, hallucinating Huntings, fantastic live spectacles for all the tastes and ages and gastronomy varied for all the budgets. Disneyland Paris thinks about the parents and that the vacations are for relaxing, for that reason it provides all type of services for small babies and children, so that the visit is most comfortable possible. Rent of small cars exists, changers with all the comforts and a Baby Care Center (Space Baby) so that the smallest visitors feel like in house, Disney has everything planned so that the children lodge and they are amused yet to its measurement.

Travel in Italy

It would like to visit Italy, but it does not want to leave its animal loved in house? It does not have problem! Here it will find some petitions in what it says respect to the transport of animals, as well as also some tips so that it becomes the possible most easy trip. The parents tolerate the animals, but some rules exist that must follow. To bring its animal I obtain has to fill form 998 of the Union of Rules European. Here it is the requirements: – Its animal of esteem has to have 3 months of age more than? Tera to have all the vaccines in day? It always brings a coleira and it harnesses? It only can bring I obtain two great birds or four small ones? Perhaps microship in its animal wants to place one. If you this to travel of train with its animal, have the certainty that she has I obtain the certificate that confirms that its animal does not have any infeciosa illness.

General rule, does not exist no cost for the transport of small animals. For medium animals and or great transport, you is taxed with half of the adult ticket. It has in will also consider, that the animal not it can weigh more than 6kg. Italy has many hotels that accept animals, where you can have its animal obtains and to provide special treatment of the esteem animal. Many hotels charge a tax special, therefore it requires a service of cleanness of more extensive room. Generally it is given to choose if it wants to keep its animal I obtain in the room or the kennel, together with the other animals. It has in attention, that if planeia to visit monuments, its animal will have to be in the hotel. They are not animal acceptances in museums, monuments and churches. if to try to enter with them without being seen, believes that the fine sufficiently will be raised. Information on tourist points of Venice in Italy.