Positive Attitude Changes

I’m going to ask you something very strange at the moment. Firstly, I would like to hear your thoughts. What thoughts haunt your head? Are they positive or negative? Now suppose that you are walking down the street with these thoughts. Do you think that anyone who meets with you would be able to tell you what is in his mind? The number one response depends on you. However, the number two answer can be quite generic. Although people will not be able to say exactly what he thinks, yes it will be able to have an idea of how you feel. The thoughts are very powerful. They affect your general attitude.

The attitude you carry is reflected in his appearance. And it doesn’t end there. Your attitude can also affect people at its around. The kind of attitude that you take is up to you. It can be positive or negative. Positive thoughts have a fill effect.

They are stimulants. In addition, people around the person carrying positive thoughts tend to be energized by this kind of attitude. Negative thoughts on the other hand they have an effect that weakens people. Apart from the fact that he looks grim and sad looking, negative thoughts can convert a feast at a wake. A positive attitude attracts the people, while a negative attitude repels it. People tend to stay away from those who have a negative attitude. We can define the attitude as a way of seeing the world. If you choose to focus on the negative things in the world, then you have a negative attitude. However, if you choose to focus on the positive things, it is more likely to carry a positive attitude. You have much to gain with a very positive attitude. On the one hand, studies have shown that a positive attitude promotes health. People with this type of attitude also have more friends. In addition, projecting a positive attitude helps us handle stress and problems, better than those who have a negative attitude. A positive attitude starts with a healthy self-image. If you like your way of being and is happy, confident and sure of himself, this contributes to make the people around him feel of the same way. To read other articles about personal development, relationships, and motivation, visit bienmax.com.

Commissioner Josep Lluis Trapero

/ Responsible for the riot Brigade has been one of the 200 winners on the occasion of the celebration of the day of their brackets. The feast of the day of the brackets has been concluded between the protests of a hundred people against police charges in Placa Catalunya. The Department of Interior of the Catalan Generalitat has decorated this Friday a person in charge of the riot Brigade of the Mossos d police, among the more than 200 medals for merit that has delivered on the occasion of the celebration of the day of their squads, feast of the Catalan police. In a ceremony held at the National Auditorium of Catalonia, Sergeant Joan Capdevila, Catalan Police Mobile Brigade, has received the Bronze Medal with the blue badge of the Mossos d police in recognition to its ctiva public order management. The award to the person responsible for the riot Brigade, which recognizes his work carried out throughout 2010, has delivered amid audible applause from those attending the ceremony, integrated mainly by regional police officers and their families. The feast day of the brackets, presided over by the Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, and that it has started with the traditional mass which was suppressed with the Governments of the tripartite, was held amid the protests of a hundred people concentrated around the Auditorium in protest by police charges on May 27 in Placa Catalunya. Protesters have focused doing an acampada to demand the resignation of the Minister for the police charges and have cut off the tram by Meridiana Avenue traffic, until they have dispersed shortly before 15.00 hours, according to sources of the Guardia Urbana.

In his speech, the Minister has highlighted the security and confidence that offer the Mossos d police at a turbulent time in which we might find us in front of a new world order. Common sense, caution and prudence regarding those challenges posed by the future, Puig pointed out that the police should act with common sense, caution and prudence, and forcefulness only When it is needed and acknowledged that the Mossos d police are always, willing to receive more severe criticisms. izes the significance of this. Among the more than 200 medals that has granted the Department of the Interior on the occasion of the day of brackets, figure a medal to the Chairman of the Supreme Court and the Council General of the judiciary, Carlos Divar, in recognition of its work to strengthen collaboration between the judiciary and the Mossos d police. Also in distinction to their attitude open and positive for closer relations between both institutions, he has received a bronze medal with the Deputy Director of the anti-fraud Office of Catalonia Carles Quilez blue distinctive, accused in a court case investigating a pattern of alleged police corruption linked to drug trafficking. Quilez, whom the judge suspected that he allegedly accepted gifts from a police informer in exchange for information, was charged in the same court case in which the j of the anti-corruption unit of the Mossos has been (d) police, Antoni Salleras, accused of protecting drug traffickers. Precisely, the value of that sub-inspector imputed is has rrido today in his speech the Commissioner Josep Lluis Trapero, who has been in charge of reading a few words of thanks on behalf of the award winners. Source of the news: receives amid protests to a person in charge of the Catalan Riot Brigade

API BayOrganizer

To make trading on eBay again fun: the popular eBay auction settlement BayOrganizer goes into the seventh round. The program helps all eBay sellers and buyers, to manage their own auctions centrally and to edit. The new version 7.00 is still offered at a fixed price – running costs not incurred during the operation. New connection to which is eBay’s API. As a result, that the BayOrganizer itself adapts 7.00 now to any eBay changes. The best friend of all eBay assets is the BayOrganizer 7.00. Because he goes exactly then when an eBay auction is complete.

For eBay itself, the case is completed with sending some mails. This is true but neither the seller nor the buyer. The seller must print invoices and delivery notes, install packages on the way, communicate with the buyer, pay attention to the receipt of a payment and make sure you have an assessment done after completion of the business. The buyer also has several tasks to do. So he must be the money transfer, pay attention to the package receipt and submit its assessment at the end. The BayOrganizer 7.00 takes care of the entire labour-intensive post-production of a closed eBay transaction. The program lists the own purchases and sales in a clear table and matching announces the current status of each article.

In this way, it is easy to keep track and to perceive the pending tasks promptly. Mathias Gerlach, developer of the BayOrganizers: \”in this way the eBay seller and the buyer save a lot of time, which can spend it more useful for other projects. All communication between the buyer and the seller is drastically simplified and even automated.\” BayOrganizer 7.00: starting immediately offered with connection to the eBay API is not an auction settlement as the BayOrganizer 7.00 usually at a fixed price. Instead, fees become due, which is calculated according to the number of auctions that are edited using the software.


The current scenario where we are immersed, influences that people are exposed to situations of great pressure and demand on our personal, labour, academic, life among others. In this framework, the competition is common every day and we have to generate products to be quickly evaluated and considered. There are many ways to deal with such situations, and that implies to be organised and have the ability to properly manage the time that we have, our resources (personal as materials), etc. Here are some ideas of what you should do to get organized: defines your objective: If you don’t know what you want, how could you move forward? It is important that you understand what is your goal in life, to where you want to go and where you want to position yourself. TIME management: time is an invaluable resource because it is something that never recovers, life gives us the hours, minutes and seconds that we know use to achieve success in your life.

Remember, organize your time for: your family, your work, your profession and studies, fun (friendships). There must be a balance between all the areas where you distribute your time but not take off to one of the other, but remember, without a group intimate as family and friends, you will not have stability, is fundamental to the quality of time your loved. Time management includes being punctual in your commitments. SHAPE habits: The habit becomes habit, the best thing is to have positive customs, tries to be constant in something you want to do and learn to be persistent. PERSISTENCE: The only way that a person may develop in life is being persistent, there is no other way, the need to give that effort extra implies that we do not desmoralicemos or surrender to the first.

SELF-discipline: If you have a goal clear and made a plan, you have to be steady and begin to define concrete steps that you can move forward. One of the main challenges is to be autodisciplinado, that is, that have the ability to commit to something and be willing to comply with it. PLANNING: Planning allows us to properly organize our actions How do you think a building?, or any artwork or design. A PLAN that allows to give solid foundations is done first. All part of a process of personal planning, methodical organization, no matter where you are or where you are, GENERATES new IDEAS: is highlight by proposing new ideas and activities, this will give you an added value and will be valued by the people who surround you. KEEP enthusiasm: No matter what you have planned start, don’t miss the enthusiasm, that give you extra power to succeed in what they undertake. These are some ideas, we hope that you enjoyed. Greetings and success in everything.