Abyssinian Cat

Cats have always been animals of great charm and pleasure by the people, since their beautiful stylized figure, beautiful eyes that express a look at times full of mystery, curiosity in others, but always very expressive in end the whole them away captive, but may be some cats that have features most beautiful, perhaps it is because that its found its origins in Egypt to nearby places, so it makes certain aspects of these cats in his time were representations of the gods of ancient Egypt, and one of those copies is the Abyssinian cat, which features beautiful and loving way of being immediately captivated who very likely will be his master. The Abyssinian cat like a lot of cats that have been present during many periods in history, has a past not very clear, but trying to make the most accurate approach to the origins of this wonderful and charming cat, is coming from ancient Abyssinia, now called Ethiopia, is expected to drop another ancient race itself of Egypt, as previously mentioned aspects are very similar to the cats of ancient Egypt, as is well known this kind of cats in ancient Egypt and the surrounding region of this African country. Despite this there are those who say the Abyssinian cat has its origins in Ethiopia, much less in Egypt, so there is another theory which argues that the Abyssinian cat is peculiar to England, result obtained from cats with marbled coats But being accepted the first theory. The Abyssinian cat was released in the world with the introduction of this cat to England by the army of Queen Victoria for the year 1892, later was accomplished the domestication of the race and the subsequent expansion of the number of copies in several places in the world. Leaving behind the past and into charming Abyssinian cat are more like physical characteristics, it is worth saying that all of its contour resembles that of a puma, but small scale, so, obviously has a very wild air interesting and captivating, but these wild characters do not take away his great elegance since it has a beautiful stylized figure, with a very flexible body and the presence of very well muscled, with regard to body measurements, has a medium size, very suitable for all their physical surroundings. Due to the characteristics of the head and facial area, has a medium head with a forward angle with respect to aspects of the facial area, has a strong chin but with soft features, the ears are large, do not become pointed, rather they are rounded up to reach the top, with respect to the eyes that are of great value in the Abyssinian cat, being puppies color is a greyish blue and the move to adulthood vary intense gold or green, his eyes immediately expressed great vivacity and expressiveness. Another feature of great value in the Abyssinian cat's fur, which is called agouti, speaking in common terms, each hair has a different key, so going from a red or brown dark or black, with the special feature that the part that goes close to the body, gives hair a few shades lighter and part of the tip and with the advance, it is becoming darker, now is made a classification of the Abyssinian cat, depending on the hue of colors, so is the traditional that has a reddish color and the other has a deep red with chocolate brown tips.