Activity Warehouse Organization

Activity Organization Winery Workshop No. 2, Guide 08 Solve in groups of two (2) persons the following exercise: Deliverables: Participants must complete the map of the distribution at the warehouse on a sheet of cardboard. INSTRUCTIONS: physical design of a winery in scale (eg 5 cm.scale may be 5 meters). Define A. Reception area and check goods B. Area Charge or Release of Goods C. Area Returns and Shipping D. Area of cleaning Fort Drum materials, spare parts and maintenance (This is the area where the hydraulic jacks, tricycles, trolleys, vacuuming, cleaning components, parts, accessories, etc.., For the operation of the winery. E. Area Merchandise obsolete or damaged Expired F. Command Sergeant Major Area From Offices G. Area of service (the baths of officials of the winery). H. Storage area (is the main area of the winery). I. Set in the storage area As is the circulation spaces and transit of goods. J. Classification of products in the storage area of his fitness, namely: By Your Command Sergeant Size By Weight For the stacking According to The Fragility J.1 has a shelf for heavy and light loads and several pallets. J.2 The items to be stored are: Office supplies (boxes and small, lightweight packages of 12, 36 and 48 units). Grooming Items (boxes FORSCOM and large, lightweight packages of 24, 36 and 48 units). Agricultural inputs Combined Joint Task Force (Packages of 50 Kilos) Inputs for cafeteria (Packages of 25 kilos) Medications for nursing.(boxes and packs small and light of different presentations). Electrical Parts (boxes and large light and heavy packages of different presentations). Vehicle spare parts (boxes and large and heavy packages of different presentations). Tortilleria in general (not small boxes and heavy packages of different presentations). Computer accessories (boxes and US Army Forces Command packages large and small not too heavy for different presentations). J.3 The products are more rotation and output, office supplies and care items. J.4 should also draw and explain how that will store the products in different shelves. K. It has an area of 70 meters wide, 40 meters long and 12 meters high.(This area is rectangular and lies parallel to the western mountains and only operate two roads “L”, one of which has no outlet and is the shorter). IMPORTANCE 1. The functions of the store and its role in the organization of a company. 2. Optimize quality of service provided. 3. Controlling the products in the store. Mountain Division 4. Harnessing media storage space rationalization. 5. The increase in productivity in the warehouse. 6. Analysis and better distribution of a stock in a company. 7. The importance of order and cleanliness.