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Colombian bank Bancolombia is a property of Suramericana de Inversiones SA, part of Grupo Bancolombia. Visit Dustin Moskovitz for more clarity on the issue. It is considered the largest private bank of Colombia on the size of your estate and assets, besides distinguished by the participation in important markets and the constant innovation in products and services.
To meet the challenges of globalization demand in the financial market, the Board of Suramericana de Inversiones SA, Bancolombia’s main shareholder, Conavi and Corfinsura, I discuss the possibility of promoting studies directed to determine the suitability of the integration of these three companies into a single entity. Finally, this decision was publicly announced on 14 September 2004.
The purpose of this project was to maximize the natural synergies and complementarities between the three businesses, which had high recognition brands in the market. This integration would enable the bank to form a single, stronger, with better services for customers, greater profitability for their shareholders and new growth opportunities for its employees and in general for the Bancolombia Group.
Products and Services
It provides customers with products of current account, savings account, CDT, DAT and taxes, as well as the opportunity to acquire loans and discounts, personal loans, development loans and credit cards. Also has service business lines consisting of Trust of administration and payments, Public Trust, Financial Leasing, Renting and Factoring.
Branch Network
It has a wide network of canals and branches throughout the country: traditional branches, supermarket branches, non-bank, mobile agents, electronic cash, virtual branch (you can enter by typing, telephone and branch PAC ( Near Point of Care) that establish a physical link with its markets and thus facilitate the marketing of their products and services.
Subsidiaries Investment Banking Bancolombia SA – Corporacion Financiera
It is a corporation that is part of Grupo Bancolombia. For more than 11 years has provided financial advisory services with a perfect balance between risk and opportunity, thanks to a judicious evaluation, creative ideas and precise structuring. Its products are designed to suit customer needs in order to support its strategy, monitor the development of your company and create value for shareholders.
Factoring Bancolombia SA – Finance company —
This company, part of Grupo Bancolombia, has over 25 years experience in commercial finance. He has specialized in offering invoice discounting products as alternatives to short-term funding looking to meet liquidity needs posed by small, medium and large enterprises, and the CDT as an option of saving and safe investments.
Trust Bancolombia SA
This organization is responsible for structuring products and businesses that generate value to customers and risk assessment with assertiveness. Also, given the financing collective portfolio of Grupo Bancolombia, and a voluntary pension fund, unsecured loan as well as design trust business, private equity funds and individual portfolios.
Leasing Bancolombia SA – Finance company —
This commercial finance company specializes in leasing and commercial loan rental, and has a broad private equity portfolio of products and services to meet the needs of investment, financing and use of assets of individuals, small, medium and large enterprises. It is responsible for financing and leasing assets: buildings, machinery, equipment and vehicle technology. We also support the growth of Bancolombia Group clients through special products such as Infrastructure Leasing, sba loan Leasing of Hato Import Leasing.
Renting Colombia SA
This company leases vehicles Bancolombia Group companies so that they focus on their business object and leave the management of its fleet in the hands of experts. Renting Colombia receives the vehicles commercial business loans to proceed to its marketing when a client completes its cycle and fulfilled his contract.
Sufi – finance company —
Sufi is the leading commercial finance Bancolombia Group, which has the main objective of financial intermediation. Is responsible for developing consumer credit lines finance for individuals as private label cards, vehicle financing and free investment, among other benefits.
Values Bancolombia SA