Beckhard Organization

Successful organizations are those that its adaptation and capacity to assume changes face them positively and proactive, organizations that learn, are those who are ready to assume new roles and responsibilities and are technically in continuous advancement and training. Mendoza Fung all good management should be fully identified with the scope, implications derived from the organizational development (OJ), especially given the reality of scenarios that are dynamic, proactive and that require to be attentive as this affect the organizational behaviour of firms. Wikipedia reminds us, that OJ is a tool that through the analysis in the environment adopts strategy or a way to search for change than with leads to an evolution in accordance with the requirements or demands of the environment that is achieving the efficiency of all the elements that constitute it coming to obtain the Organization’s success. All this is required so that an organization is at capacity or have the elements necessary to enter to to compete in today’s world is becoming a necessity. To use this tool used or made use of an essential process as it is learning, which is the road which accesses knowledge acquiring skills and skills producing changes in their behavior (is a shaft to the D.O), is for this reason that should take into account the aspects that influence the performance of the elements that constitute the organization. We are reminded, that Dr. Richard Beckhard. Defines it as an effort to: (a) planned, (b) that covers the Organization, (c) managed in from senior management (d) which increases the effectiveness and health of the Organization, through (e) intervention deliberately in the processes of the organization using the knowledge of the behavioural sciences. A very close to the previous definition is proposed in the book fundamentals of organizational communication writer Maria Elena Mendoza Fung: planned process that encompasses the entirety of the organization looking for efficiency and transformation culture to ensure the competitiveness of the Organization and its employees.