Brazilian Medium Joao

An encounter with one of the most famous medical media Inacio in the Highlands of Brazil we hope South America Indians Casa de DOM, there is no serious illness, has guided you on these pages, but even if this should be the case, despair not! It offers hereby a special opportunity not only to transcend them, but emerge strengthened and matured. ainst this. Joao Teixeira da Faria, lovingly called, Joao de Deus, Jean de Dieu, or John of God is regarded as one the greatest healer of today and is considered by many to be the successor of the legendary Ze Arigo. He practiced a form of healing that goes far beyond the traditional energetic healing worked where the energy fields of the people. Joao de Deus takes spiritual powers claimed for his healing work. He works as a medium, that is to say as a mediator between the spiritual and the material world. His mediumship is not acquired, nor hereditary or transferable to other people, but a gift, which was awarded to to be able to fulfill his task on Earth. Accordingly he makes it clear time and again that himself, but God Heals through him.

Joao has fascinating and great help from the spiritual dimension, he embodies known spiritual essence as a healing medium 36, namely that were their lifetime most famous doctors, surgeons, or theologians. Through a medium, this allowed to interventions in our material world out of the spiritual world appear truly wonderful and incomprehensibly in ignorance of the relationship. This not about the legalities be overridden by life and death, but it is us made it clear only that we know very little about this. Born in the 24.Juli in the province of Goias, Central Brazil, Joao’s revealed special gifts as a medium is already at the age of sixteen, when he had his first important vision, in which he clearly was told how should go his way.