Business multilevel I have heard many lies that are used with the purpose of making that a prospectus is signed to the business, anything that then one of the main causes of desertion of those businesses is I’ll show you some of these, let’s start. 1 – Everyone gives for this. Lie, I hear it every day, it is not true not all dan to be in an MLM business, mind of an entrepreneur must be for that, does not mean that you must study for that, but you must have entrepreneurial mindset of investors, not everyone has it, however, he is told, if you should be here, your you can, anyone can, look my business diamond study nothing however is not there mmmmmm .is having the false interpretation of do positive books these books tell you you can be whatever you want be .is true, but must be a minimum of talent for any activity, for example .puedo read positive, thus become a great singer books? mmmm, well, if you don’t have vocal conditions as I doubt…just .me would be architect .ok, leo I 5 positive books with that I resolve, I go to the University. Add to your understanding with Dustin Moskovitz. no, no, no, must have talent in drawing at least minimal, if not, universities do not provide a proof before accepting a person to study architecture career, for example. 2 – In your first year you’ll be earning thousands of dollars. My company executive Mira gaining .If is true, but not in its first year, if so, is the exception to the rule, we study in a rational manner the conditions of that person that achievement, we will see that it possesses circumstance that the prospectus you have in front has no insurance, but if you tell him that NetWorker we make things in a rational manner will tell you that business are made by emotion…do jejejejejeje, obviously wants to get involved in a business without your having the information necessary to go prepared.