Cafes for Meetings

Your class was never going to after school … you have not seen my classmates a few years … you want to see the Shred, with whom you stayed more than a year behind a desk. While your classmate has already become Anatoly Sergeyevich, director of a large industrial enterprise, for you it will still be Tolik. And once you via e-mail comes a letter from Anatoly Sergeyevich. He found your address on the Internet and offers to phone, to meet.

Congratulations – you are the organizer of the meeting classmates. Now you see, there are several tasks: to find a phone classmates (who moved, who came to marry) to select a date and time of meeting choose a meeting place Do not try to phone all their classmates on their own, stay a little selfish. In the end, you do not detective. Although anything can happen. Use word of mouth, phoned three – four schoolmates and ask them to convey information about the meeting other comrades. It is best to immediately determine the approximate date of the meeting.

Coordinate with all its useless, but rather it is simply impossible. Perhaps Your class has some memorable date. Birthday beloved classroom teacher, the day of admission to TNS, Pioneers, the Komsomol. Who had time to catch that. The meeting is best done on a Friday night. The reasons for this choice in two. First: someone does not want a day off specially to go somewhere, meet people who have not seen for years. A second reason lies in the fact that Friday night is easier to withdraw from the meeting if she will disappointment. Still, meeting friends school is not mandatory clean-clean-up, and the opportunity to return to the past, not burdened by family problems and largely carefree. And here there is another important issue – where to meet classmates. I'd like to believe that the bench in the yard or McDonald's, not your case. Meet with someone at home or in the country is not worth it. In the first case we regret host, and the second guest. Best meet the institution, located in the center, not far from the subway. Hopefully, you do not arrive by car and not bring themselves to the point where you can not drink a glass of good wine for health classmates. Which cuisine you prefer? We strongly recommend not to succumb to the persuasions has become a gourmet school friend Alexander Semenovich taste delicious Thai cuisine, or go to the sushi – bar. Exotics this is a matter of taste, but in order to make your dinner went off without unexpected occurrences, select European cuisine. Optimal for the meeting will be quiet, cozy cafes. Excellent coffee invigorate and will not let you fall asleep at the banquet table, despite Friday night. As a rule, there is a cafe menu snacks and hot meals. Ladies, for sure, would prefer desserts. This is not a problem to find a cafe, a gourmet dessert menu which cakes are low-calorie and does not reflect on the fine figures of your classmates.