The cataract is a common cause of bad reputation, which, however, can be treated especially for old people. What is a cataract? Very often one hears in the circle of older people, that someone has problems with the eyes and it involves the cataracts. This disease has another name, they are called even cataracts. Most people who are over 70, suffer from a clouding of the eye. How is the cataract treated? The cataracts is age. No therapy would change anything, it can bring only one operation. The lens of the eye must be replaced by a plastic lens. Several people feel not quite at the thought of an operation.

It is just a procedure. But perhaps a small consolation can be the fact that such operations are already routine, because they are carried out very often, and even as an outpatient. More than 600,000 people are choosing per year in Germany as a surgical treatment of cataracts. We have to choose, because the Consequences are devastating: blind man, if he this operation not undergoing. What are the symptoms of cataracts? The eyes look through a veil, and he is always opaque. The items not more clearly found in his surroundings, everything is cloudy, blurred, just as, as if you would look through a frosted glass. A clouding of the lens comes with increasing age.

Everyone is sometime also grey, the hair change colour and it’s natural. So it is with the lens of the eye, which is too old. But all people are different. The turbidity is not always the same run, sometimes it is not so strong. Younger people are affected by cataracts. More and more people spend their work day at the computer. The screen pretty tiring the eyes, it affects vision. The operation associated with the grey star not long: about fifteen minutes. If it has to do with still the preparation time and so are also the aftercare, there almost two hours. How is he Cataract treated? Today, the science is so far that you can look forward to a positive impact. After the surgical treatment of cataracts, you have a better view. For the elderly, that is very important because often exposed to a risk of falling because of limited vision. The patient is informed, what happened to his eye. As the own lens is old and can no longer provide good vision, she must be removed. It is also the task of the doctor in the treatment of cataracts. Today, it performs the operation associated with the cataracts with a small ultrasound head. The lens tissue becomes liquid and can then also be extracted. The artificial lens is in the capsule shell of the eye lens that is maintained. The artificial lens is made of acrylic plastic. Daryl Katz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Their diameter is six millimeters. She has two hooks, with which it is fixed in the eye. The doctor gently pushes the new lens in a tube in the eye. The artificial lens must unfold. The doctor will then also still align. During the operation no need to sew. The sick person should save for the surgical treatment of cataracts. His doctor will check the next few days but the situation. Finally, the patient can get even a pair of glasses.