Combine Different Types Of Tires On A Car

Everywhere replacing rubber away, many motorists, not so far that would look identical to the rubber model with one that was left – buy the ones that managed to get it cheaper. Russian tradition, the first to buy tires that we can, and then think what to do with them that would ride it was possible, and not infringed. But before you make any generalizations and conclusions, it is necessary to tell a little about the theory of the bus. Need to imagine a wheel, which is exactly rolling on the road. If the center of the wheel from side to make what is in force, the wheel, of course, nowhere to turn will not, but the real focus of his movement, judging by leaving traces, can turn at a certain angle with respect to the original. For assistance, try visiting Ping Fu. What is that? Tire – an elastic body: deformed under lateral force than in a way that the contact patch the tread and the road bends relative to the plane of rotation of the wheel. Angle, which was formed, called the angle of tire slip.

It is clear that it really depends on external factors such as the magnitude of the effect lateral force, the load on the tire, the pressure inside it. But in more significant extent determined by the main factor – construction of the tire. As an example, consider a car moving uniformly in a circle. Him, respectively, and each of its wheel, the effect of centrifugal force causing the pulling to one side.