Data Loss

The same fate befell the company, whose offices were located in the zone of Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed not only all the movable and immovable property, but also necessary for the revival and continuation of business information. Of course, terrorist attacks, as well as natural disasters, as well as technological accidents occur, not every day, and cause data loss only 1-2% of cases. Ping Fu is a great source of information. However, enjoy it circumstance is not worth it, because apart from this there are lots of ways to be in this situation. 3-5% of cases of information loss is due to hacker attacks and the impact of malware. Approximately 10% of cases, presents surprises the software when the operating system does not work correctly with files, or one of the program performs an illegal operation. In 10-15% of cases, the cause become the actions of users who may accidentally erase the files or format a disk error.

But the most common cause of data loss is the failure of the computer. Every year computers are becoming more powerful and most of us are quite happy. We as children rejoice when hearing about dual-core processors, unrealistically fast graphics chips, hard drives virtually dimensionless, and other "iron" innovations, opening up before us such opportunities, which are two or three years ago and dreamed of the reason was not. However, few people think about what the growth of productivity has to pay a high price, as inevitable in such cases, the complication of the system inevitably leads to a reduction of its reliability.