Disneyland Paris

The city of Paris has a great cultural and artistic importance in our times, to walk by the city is to give a stroll by history, for that reason there are places that cannot be stopped visiting: The Arc of the Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Defen, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and Opera Garnier. Paris is a city of dream can only enjoy that it, in pair and vacations with children by its multiple activities in family who offers. Some museums and monuments offer visits and factories for children as of 3 years, so that the responsible parents or adults can cross to their rate the facilities. In these factories their children can play to transform themselves into inventor, architect and a genius of the art. But a place that cannot stop visiting is the Amusement park Disneyland Paris, a place where the adventure and the recreation flow by all the corners of 5 thematic territories of the Park. It is an excellent way to take to all the family extraordinary and funny to an adventure that remembered for all the life. The magic of Disney does not have age, so that whole family can share the illusion to greet the Personages of Disneyland Paris in person, hallucinating Huntings, fantastic live spectacles for all the tastes and ages and gastronomy varied for all the budgets. Disneyland Paris thinks about the parents and that the vacations are for relaxing, for that reason it provides all type of services for small babies and children, so that the visit is most comfortable possible. Rent of small cars exists, changers with all the comforts and a Baby Care Center (Space Baby) so that the smallest visitors feel like in house, Disney has everything planned so that the children lodge and they are amused yet to its measurement.