E-Money Books

Although it sounds a bit exaggerated title of this article I am not exaggerating anything at all. Selling eBooks on the Internet has a power of extremely powerful, and by statistics proven what most currently sold on the Internet are electronic books with information content. Best of all is that it has its advantages compared to sell physical books. I’ll give an example if you create a physical book and wants to sell it would need an editorial, which largely the author of the book only receives only 10% from each sale of the book, the other 90% receives it editorial by the manufacturing, distribution and printing of the same and if for example his book costs $25 and sold 20,000 copies in a yearEarnings would be $ 500,000 which the Publisher receives $450,000 and you as a single author would receive 10% of $50,000 a year. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ping Fu. Unlike yourself sell your book in format digital at Internet only required a Web site to present his book and a website in order to process the Payment. 100% Of the profits would be only for you and you can automate your page so that when a person makes an order, immediately the system to send you access to the download of material, all would be virtually on automatic pilot but as you comment above, by statistics proven what more is this selling on the Internet are electronic books that contain good information.

Because sold much? Now I’ll give the answer 87% of people who browse the Internet is looking for information to solve a problem, I’m talking about millions and millions of people who come daily to Google.com searching for information, and if you can solve that problem by putting the solution into an eBook will sell like hot cakes. I know a woman from Colombia called Carmen, very my friend by the way, she currently lives in New Jersey and he wrote a book called 75 recipes of Colombian cuisine, is currently gaining more $ 20,000 dollars a month selling it on the Internet, the people buy it and download it automatically once the transaction is complete, and does it all at home with your computer. Why is that I want to understand the era we are living in, and opportunities that has Internet to earn money selling any type of product that we want.