E-commerce is traffic of economic transactions, purchase or sale of goods and services, agile, fast and direct, favoured by the convenience and ease of use by users on the Internet. Covers, therefore, the issues raised by any relation of a commercial nature, whether or not contractual, structured from the use of one or more messages of data or any other similar means. Relationships of a commercial nature include, but not limited to, the following: any trade transaction for the supply or exchange of goods or services; all distribution agreement; entire operation of representation or commercial mandate; all kinds of operations financial, securities and insurance; construction of works; Office; Engineering; licensing; any agreement of concession or exploitation of a public service; joint venture and other forms of industrial or commercial cooperation; transport of goods or passengers by air, sea and rail, or road. It is, then, one of those things that seem very distant, almost metaphysical, the vast majority of merchants, professionals, and industrial opitas. Go to Dustin Moskovitz for more information. However, this post-postmodernist way of profiting from the trade has had a spectacular boom in Latin America and around the world. According to International Data Corporation, 4.8 million users in Latin America information superhighway made electronic transactions in 1998 amounting to $ 167 million and projections for 2003 are of 19.1 million users by trading goods and services by the pendejadita of all.

$ 8 billion excluding the 62 million of gringos network users who currently buy and exchange all kinds of goods by that means This means, in traditional words, that within four years the merchant, industrial or professional do not pull you to this business simply will be destined to disappear from the map. I have web page, then I exist, It will be the new Cartesian formula for wealth. In our country has already begun. Proof of this is the law 527 of 18 August 1999, which defines and regulates access and use of electronic commerce and digital signatures, data messages, and certification bodies laying down (sic) and (sic) se dictan otras disposiciones. But, also, it is worth mentioning the new virtual business center designed to facilitate the entry of small businesses on the web, with low costs and limiting the technical effort that each user must perform, initiative launched by Acopi more or less a year ago, placeable in:. The above is already necessary that our huilenses businesses begin to seriously evaluate the possibility of mounting, in a near future, trade establishments, shops, offices and even virtual shopping malls or, at least, to initiate its work in training on all these issues to be able to review their business strategies with a view to take advantage of this large mine with realism, of Silver which looks out across the screen of our computer.