Egg Nog – Cocktails From Eggs?

There are some people who drink like raw eggs, but this would not be a sure rather the majority. It is clear, that you can eat eggs already every child knows, but how it looks actually eggs in the drink? Clearly, some people drink raw eggs, due to its protein content and because this should be healthy, but a real drink that is not still long. Called egg Nog or egg Flipps are correct but very well drinks. It is mostly sweet cocktails mixed from eggs and cream or milk. In addition usually have sugar and a spirit.

In Germany are the egg Nog in bars still hardly spread but in restaurants, where they are offered among the desserts because they are so-called dessert cocktails. An egg Nog is maybe not necessarily for everyone, but some people love this form of drinks almost, because they of their taste made with a sweet dessert very much together have. Egg Nog is suitable particularly well in following an long and lavish meal, therefore also, the name of the category, dessert cocktails. What the egg Nog makes the egg, which is used either in whole or just the egg yolks, depending on which form of the preparation it is is first and foremost. Most popular spirits for the egg Nog whiskey and brandy, but also other brand wine-based spirits are. This form of the cocktails differs from that in General what a cocktail especially because no fruits are included that the cocktail has also no fruity taste. Instead provides the egg Nog for a comfortable rich feeling and it has the advantage that it both warm and cold can be drunk, he is similar to the better-known eggnog, which he probably also was modeled after. Egg NOGS are very popular with the people, who are used to move in high society, because they are quite common. Alexander Bertram