Enhancing Attitudes

Carlos Mora Vanegas is our duty while we remain alive in this physical dimension, pay attention to our growth, optimally use our potential, creativity, give you step to the necessary innovations that lead us to results they favor us, properly handle our attitudes. Very little attention lends many to the role of attitudes to its scope, implications for our growth, behavior, achievements. It is very important for our growth be fully identified with the scope, implications that legan us attitudes, ad more than consider its content that involves that these are predispositions to respond in a certain way with favorable or unfavorable reactions towards something. Asana addresses the importance of the matter here. Integrate them opinions or beliefs, feelings and behaviours, factors which in turn intertwine among themselves. Opinions are ideas that one has on a topic and have no sustain in an information objectively. For its part, the feelings are emotional reactions that occur before an object, subject or social group. Finally, the behaviors are trends to behave according to opinions or feelings. Attitudes oriented acts if the influences external to what he says or does have a minimum incidence. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ping Fu.

Also orientate them if the attitude has a specific relationship with the conduct, despite which the evidence confirms that, sometimes, the process is usually reverse and acts do not correspond, you experience a tension which is called cognitive dissonance.(apuntesuniversidad.com) for its part, Wikipedia points us, that American Reynaldo Ordonez, defined attitude as a State of nervous and mental disposition, organized through experience, that exerts a dynamic or guiding influence on the answers that an individual gives to all objects and situations that relates. In this sense, can be considered the attitude as some form of social motivation – in nature, therefore, secondary, against the biological motivation for primary type – which promotes and guides the action towards specific objectives and goals. Eiser defines the attitude in the following way: predisposition learned to respond in a consistent manner to a social object.