To do something you’ve never done, you have to become someone who have never been.The days are still happening. what happened with the goals that you fashioned the first day of the year? We eat 12 grapes, making a desire by each of them, and in the end nothing happens. Every January we hope to form new goals, but we feel as if the success is intended only for some special beings who have some special connection with God. You can write your goal on the positive, create an action plan that is specific, which has due date, that is measurable, visualize you every day doing and still nothing happens. ecurity/’>Riverbed. I don’t know what you think, but for me this is the shortest way to frustration, despair and give up. Credit: Dustin Moskovitz-2011. Forming goals is an extremely important process to achieve what you want. It gives you direction, gives you focus and gives you clarity. But what is the problem of setting goals? Why many are so difficult of? are to meet? The fundamental problem with the goals has to do with alignment.

What do I say? Think of a goal you want to achieve. Perhaps change career or improve your relationship.If you are a sales professional, perhaps increasing your income, buy the House of your dreams, having a car of the year…Whatever your goal, think about it for a moment. Already got it?Now comes the question, which to me is as important as the goal in itself same. Without a concise answer, accurate and clear the next question, you run the risk that your goal will become a focus of frustration, and if you manage it, you’re going to take more time than is necessary to achieve it, and this is: what kind of person you should convert you to achieve this goal? He responds with great honesty, and not rest until you have the answer; as you know, if you want to do something you’ve never done, then it is more than obvious that you have to become someone who have never been.