G-d Loves The Jewish People

The meeting of two people always leaves a footprint in the heart of the one and the other, can be an intense track, when there is a conversation that comes to the secrets of the soul, can be a surface encounter, Hello good morning, tomorrow do not see and be continuous road. The meeting of two people leaves a more or less intense footprint, there are a few pleasant experiences of encounter, there are other unpleasant, but there is also a meeting of religious experience. Besides being sociable, man feels inside the need of a higher being to communicate, and to meet with him. The means employed in the communication are very varied, depends on the content of culture, of the historical epoch, of the environment. The meeting in pagan religions-the man experiencing Divinity in solitude or in a small group to give worship to this divinity. The meeting is made possible by the communication.

The communication is not performed. Two people can be very close together, but an it seems a meza and the other a Chair. Communication takes place to through language, Word, gestures, then man in his pagan religiousness communicates with the divine through gestures, words, etc. All of this constitutes a rituality. The encounter with divinity becomes a more or less intense and profound experience. The religious man after the encounter with the divine experiences a certain transformation. We went to the village of Dios-Israel has experienced throughout its history, the presence of Dios Yahve, a presence that is in the Bible, is the book that merges two itineraries. Man seeking God, and that God is revealed. Not only the Bible tells us the encounter of God with his people, but it also describes the experience that the Jew feels to meet with God, has the experience that happened in that meeting. Example: Remember the text of Genesis 18, 1-15 Abraham’s encounter with the three characters that pass in front of the tent.