Gifts Englishman

Famous William Zaovevatel – Richard the Lionheart – Oliver Cromwell – Horatio Nelson – Queen Victoria – Charles Dickens – Winston Churchill – Princess Diana Language English Country United Kingdom> USA> India> Australia> Canada> Ireland> New Zealand> Liberia> Malta> South Africa> Philippines now turn our gaze towards the Albion, or, more simply, England. The British are known – prudish nation. Try to understand if applicable this epithet to the mysterious people in those cases when it comes to holidays and gifts. From the experience of friends who went to England for training for work and lived in the country about 3 years, we can safely say that the British respect any gifts, even if they do cheap. As the saying goes, the main thing – attention. With equally restrained emotions they take a small souvenir or a postcard, an expensive tie, wrapped in gilt paper, or a collector pen. Gifts in England are the number of symbolic character, and by local standards fit in at a cost of no more than 10 pounds. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ping Fu.

What is especially things will please the residents of this European country? Let's start with what can be bestow the British, who came to visit in your country. Strict nation loves a delicious tea, preferably Indian or Chinese. Exquisite tea in a cozy cafe or restaurant – the best gift from a dear guest road. You can then introduce the guest with the English tradition, traditional Russian tea and Russian cuisine, the restaurant looked national kitchen, where waiters dressed in national costumes, and tea is served in a samovar with Russian bagels and bread rings.