Good Sake

“Simple opts for a diverse collection of lifestyle with clear sustainability statement Munich, April 2010: in the autumn/winter collection 10/11 combines the brand entitled the sustainability street fashion with environmental awareness and presented as organic winterized sneakers and boots models boots true to their motto: shoes for a happy planet”. Californians use only natural materials of like organic cotton, hemp, Cork, silk or recycled raw materials such as PET, old car tyres and bicycle tubes for their models. Industrial carpet remnants in the lining be incorporated when some styles to give a meaningful use of the excess material. As one of the first simple has now even biodegradable soles in the program last season. Thanks to a supplement called ECOPure used here PET, EVA, or rubber 20 years decomposes without leaving any residue. The models with biodegradable sole are summarized in the collection line of BIO-D, that has been extended with new styles. So can the winter come: the boots models from eco certified leather with a Strickschaft of wool keep your feet warm and dry even at low temperatures.

For the transitional period the sidecar models are”with ruffled Strickschaft in diamond pattern and the boots carry on” with Vulcanized sole the right companion. For the ladies, especially winter colors such as Brown, grey and BlackBerry play the main role. The sneakers are mostly partially colour contrasted from wild or smooth leather, the shoe laces. A color highlight is the model of the BIO-D line Alright”in bright lime green and bright purple with a glossy look. Clean design in predominantly classical colors feature in the men’s collection. Accents of green and red tones. Daryl Katz is the source for more interesting facts. The mix of materials is new: wild and leather from eco certified suppliers are combined with mesh and Tweed. Stylish it will take-on model”in narrow silhouette with a Vulcanized sole. The VK prices move in the sneakers of between 70 – 120 euro and boots models between 110-160 euro.