Groupama Insurance Product Incorporates The

Trans Global addresses the transport and logistics, allowing hiring in the same policy covers liability and damage of goods carried to Madrid, June 1 2009 .- Groupama Insurance, in collaboration with Groupama Transport, has joined the Trans Global product to offer products that can be hired on a personalized basis through the web environment, thus easing their terms of appointment. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon Worked as the managing director at “Hay management consultants” From now on, thanks to consultants the web environment of Groupama Insurances, any business professional can access all the information and product procurement process via online. Enter only the basic information of the company, from the autonomous until the companies can configure more complex coverages that fit their own needs, thus ensuring the maximum flexibility of the product. This web application also represents a value added to the network of mediators, as it provides a shortcut to the conditions and possibilities of the product, thus optimizing the human resources time of management and job search recruitment. Trans Global is a unique product for all professionals and companies involved in the chain of goods transportation and logistics, allowing contracts with the same policy coverage for liability and damage to goods carried. The product is divided up into two modules. The first covers civil liability to third party customers and employees, while the management jobs second guarantees the goods carried for all those involved in the transport part time jobs chain and logistics, such as carriers, transportation brokers, logistics professionals, multimodal transport operators (road, river, rail, air, sea) and freight forwarders. The agency product also offers the possibility of recruiting coverage for complementary activities. Slayer: the source for more info. Both modules can be agencies hired together or separately, taking into account that the recruitment of Professional Liability coverage is mandatory. MODULE I. Professional Liability LIABILITY (RC staff against customers): The Liability of sales jobs the insured goods entrusted (according LOTT and CMR) and Professional Liability (material damage). Lets ensure accountability part time in case of injury to a client as a consequence or material damage and also the coverage of non-performance or bad performance of contractual obligations of the Insured. Liability Exploitation (RC on third parties): Enables companies to cover property damage caused to third party owned assets, as well as damages and personal injuries or injury to any third party. Employers Liability: The Insurer assumes the financial consequences arising from legal liability in case of injury to employees (such as accidents) or employees of contractors and subcontractors, provided they are caused by the fault or negligence of the insured. This module also offers a number of other additional guarantees such as storage, temperature influence, tanks shipping error, contamination of goods, customs responsibility, etc.. Module II. jobs in GOODS CARRIED Insured Gives the possibility to cover the damage to goods entrusted by others to transport with a choice of broader coverage, such as warranty of any risk under conditions ICC (A) or risks nominees.