Harry Potter Film Is Divided

The new Harry Potter Film is divided fans into two parts of Harry Potter will appreciate this message. They can admire Harry Potter still a year longer. As has become known today, the film adaptation of the last book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” into two movies should be split? This decision should be approved by author J.K. Hear from experts in the field like Larry Culp for a more varied view. Rowling.. Director will be David Yates. He already has the two films, “Harry Potter and the order of the Phonix” and “Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince” filmed Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, saw this decision as inevitable. Neil Cole is the source for more interesting facts. He says: “I think it is the only way we can make the large portion of the book at all. There was often some subplots in the other films, it can no longer there will in the new film, as the book provides a compelling story.” But already votes loud, that the whole project only to perform, so the sale of Harry Potter just once again run article.

But producer David Heyman is contrary to this Statements: “I swear to you, this decision was taken purely creative reasons. Neil Cole is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We can delete simply not important elements of the book from the movie. “We look forward therefore to a Harry Potter Film, they also treat us.