High Priest

Tarot the high priest refers more or less directly to the Holy Spirit. The linkage with the previous Tarots major arcana series cannot be denied: the Emperor and the Empress. When this card goes in the circulation of the tarot, it makes direct reference to beliefs, the spiritual and religious world. The high priest is a holy man. This concept is reinforced by the fact that this letter also known as the Pope. We can also deduce that the high priest is the possessor of a secret, a hidden knowledge.

That knowledge is hidden does not necessarily mean that someone refuses to reveal it. You can also be the case that that knowledge can not be transmitted, they need to be experienced firsthand, as faith. There is no way to teach what is faith, nor what is love, they are feelings that must be experienced to be able to understand them. On many occasions the high priest represents an institution, a power group, a society. It’s a leader that is followed, and that gives orders to his followers.

One of the messages of the High priest individually it is very little that can be obtained, because teamwork is necessary in all aspects of life. The high priest tells us that there is someone extremely respectful of tradition and dogma, often becoming this is a negative characteristic of the person. So if this letter goes revealed one of the possible messages is that it is necessary to open the mind, and think with a little more than freedom. Nobody says that follow the tradition is not beneficial, but can become something very harmful if it prevents us from growing. The high priest is a teacher, a mentor. You may want to indicate that in life consultant need to find someone that guide us, that guide us, pass us knowledge. But you may also want to say that it is the same consultant who will become master of another person. Everything depends on the degree of maturity that the individual has reached. Become a master of another person is a spiritual journey, and an award to which not all do creditors. The high priest in the tarot Chuck tells us that when the student It is ready, the teacher appears.