Hotel Marketing

The modern world is so used to advertising that almost ceased to notice it. The crisis of ideas did not escape the hotel industry. For even more analysis, hear from Kerry King. And while the large international hotel chain to decide how to saw another ad budget, otelchike savvy lure visitors to their unusual offerings. One of Sweden's popular hotel is located on the spread of glossy magazine samplers with sample menus. Amazed readers licking pages of the magazine, which tastes like meat and fish.

In the next issue of the hoteliers have promised to publish samplers of soups and alcoholic beverages. Within one week of the summer the Italian city cheap hotels Palermo are competing in generosity. Starting from Monday, dropping prices for hotels rates by 10-15% every day. Winners of the shares at the end of the week is free of charge in their lodge rooms all comers. One well-known chain hotels in Japan conducted an advertising campaign in central Tokyo.

At the height of multi-storey house was a bed in which the snuffling moyschitsa windows. Advertising campaign called "Good night, peaceful tomorrow." With the help of the hotel would stress that for them a dream client – the most expensive component of relaxation. "Become a Ghostbusters!" – So says the slogan booklet one of the hotels in South Orleans. The host institution for only $ 125 is ready to make any Hotel Guest hunter Barabashka. Search for ghosts for a long time is not necessary – according to Mr. Moon, its an excellent hotel just teeming with them. Recruits take courses to communicate with spirits, armed with detectors for detect ghosts and special photographic equipment. Each ghost caught guarantees a 20% discount on hotel accommodation. British mini-network of hotels to offer its customers an unusual service – to choose the smell of bed laundry. The range of five flavors – the sea breeze, home apple pie, chocolate, baby powder and freshly cut grass. And if you smell so pleased with the guests that they are without him can not leave the hotel, they have the right to pick up the sheets and pillow cases with them.