House Construction

What you all about home construction should know! Build the House lies in the nature of man. But what’s really coming at you and what should you expect to when the building of a House? What can do yourself and make what should? Actual installation at the construction site, the various element of the wall are attached together and with the help of heavy load angle on a basement, a ground plate or on a ceiling. The ceiling itself can be completely made of wood (called the glued laminated timber). The basis for this is in any case the wood frame. He is clad by a page with the panels made of wood (known as wood-based materials). Because this planking from the wood-based panels, a plate for a later prefabricated wooden house receives the necessary static stability.

After a wind brake has been installed the exterior plaster can even, if desired, attached, a construction site cleaning is carried out on the spot, but is better so the quite annoying joint manipulation can be omitted. In the Middle you have been Installation pipes laid and introduced also the insulation. After applying a vapour control layer (this is usually a film) the inside of the wall panels is closed now. The prefabricated panels are manufactured in accordance with a plan, numbered on the corresponding construction site. You are set up according to an installation plan.

To connect the individual wall elements with each other, temporarily only a very narrow strip are freed from the inner plate and the steam brake. The squared timber are linked together firmly by quite a long wood screws. It is very important here that steam brake is glued by assembling people back one hundred percent close. The small, leaky points sufficient to make the insulation have no effect. So namely escaping moisture generated by cooking or bathing. This you should always pay attention.