House Version

New version of free CAD software MEDUSA4 personal Moers, Germany February 11, 2011: After the release of version 5 of the 2D/3D CAD software MEDUSA4, now also the free MEDUSA4 personal version 5 download has provided CAD Schroer. MEDUSA4 personal also as a professional 2D/3D design freeware has been known in the CAD world for years. Many home users and those who know them from their professional life, take advantage of the free CAD software in the domestic four walls, to paint the House to rescheduling or a new miniature model down to the smallest detail. Since the last version, MEDUSA4 staff reinforced also in universities and schools used to get you started in the world of CAD the offspring. In addition, MEDUSA4 personal thanks to the pay per result can “principle now also in companies are used. Download of the CAD freeware: software/MEDUSA4/CADFreeware / MEDUSA4 personal enterprise use: eservices.cad what’s new in MEDUSA4 personal 5? With version 5, the sheet metal processing is again MEDUSA4 SHEET METAL DESIGN back to the free software. On request sheet unfoldings can be flexibly in 2D or 3D to create and edit. The optimized user experience is reflected in version 5 by the modern user interface, optimized DXF/DWG tools and advanced import from color images.

The import options for DXF and DWG were expanded and adapted to the latest AutoCAD version. A new raster tool offers the possibility to invert the colors of an imported image within a drawing. Also be partial data is now even more convenient generated from multiple drawings and lines more easily trimmed. The high level of user friendliness is achieved through a host of other new features. Free for private, pay per result for companies of the private, non-commercial use of the software is absolutely free. The commercial use of MEDUSA4 personnel or the use in companies is carried out according to the pay per result ‘ principle: created drawings are simply about the CSG eSERVICES for commercial use unlocked. ” Companies pay so not for the software itself, but only for the results obtained. Costs only if also the economic benefits it is connected!