Innovative Email Archiving

New, innovative GroupWise Connector for EMA allows you to legally compliant and auditable email archiving for Novell GroupWise the in the Rhine-Main region-based IT security group IT security provider and the Novell Platinum solution provider bond Software Entwicklung GmbH offer now a cheap and at the same time easy-to-integrate solution for compliant and audit-proof E-Mail Archiving on Novell GroupWise. Regulations and compliance requirements today require a tamper – and audit-proof archiving of their emails from companies or organizations. The archiving system next to use must ensure it originally to retain emails subject to retention for the statutory period. At the same time, the archived emails must be protected effectively against manipulation. The archiving of E-Mails under Novell GroupWise does special requests of an archiving system. How does E-Mail Archiving? For the connection to Novell GroupWise System integrates seamlessly with the Novell GroupWise system the innovative GroupWise Connector for EMA as a ‘Trusted Application’. During the installation of the EMA connector, this creates a special security key and transfer in the GroupWise database.

The GroupWise Connector for EMA reads all messages from the mailboxes of a GroupWise post offices immediately after the installation of the system via the standard interface for SOAP and IMAP. The messages are automatically transferred there without further interaction of a user via SMTP to the EMA E-Mail Archiving System. The configuration of the system, an easy-to-use, GUI-based application, which can be operated both under Linux as well as Windows is the GroupWise administrator. Alternatively, the configuration files can be edit with any text editor. For the production of the \”trusted application\”key, a Windows machine with installed Novell is required once client. You may want to visit Dustin Moskovitz to increase your knowledge. Every incoming and outgoing email is now automatically detected by the archiving system with a Timestamp provided, digitally signed, AES encrypted and space-saving filed through an intelligent single instance procedure in the archive store.