Intact Travel

Intact travel as new operators flyGREEN continue opts for the best technological platform for Internet booking engines. Berlin, March 4th, 2010 – the intact Internet Services GmbH & co. For more information see Asana. KG, developer and operator of Internet portals around the theme of travel cooperation with ASNM new media AG announces, a provider of booking technology for travel portals. Aim of the cooperation it, that with the acquisition of flyGREEN ( is intact to meet incurred new requirements to the technical deployment and execution of flights. Dr. Toralf Kahlert, Managing Director of intact describes the collaboration Internet services: “the company ASNM provides the technological platform for flyGREEN for several years successfully. It is important to put not only on a proven Internet booking engine for the future operation, but to get also technological further development possibilities shown us.” Michael Schwarz, Director of the ASNM new media AG, adds: “Even under the new operator intact support Internet services we flyGREEN like to continue with our know-how and technology for online booking of flights with integrated CO2 tax.” Integrated IBE technology was released under to 01.03.2010 the wide range of customers. As one of the next steps, the internationalization of the overall appearance is planned in parallel under to provide them a European audience.

ASNM new media AG ASNM new media AG was founded in March 2001 by the IT – and tourism industry experts develops and distributes since booking technology for travel portals. In the course of rapid development and professionalisation of the travel industry on the Internet today across all industries offers ASNM new media AG online marketing, online editors, traditional advertising, CMS-based websites creation and travel booking technology from a single source. The intact Internet Services GmbH & co. KG is Internet solution provider.