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Current photo series for the fall of the wall 20 years ago. Ralf Hasford sfo presented on his new works on the subject. The new photo series of the Berlin artist Ralf Hasford sfo deals with the fall of the wall. This isn’t the time and the people play in his work a role but the permanent – as in almost all of his works. Just what remains if the person is not there.

\”Understand!\” – hence the title bears his photo series realize! \” He asks the viewer are suitable with the experience to deal with the own thoughts. Hasford sfo then also says in the interview: how desperate meaning appears to be the tragedy of wall time for us today. Nevertheless I find currently the wall in the heads. For even more opinions, read materials from Dustin Moskovitz. Even if the wall is there not more than interface of systems rather than separation of selfishness by Community acts\”but who pushes who on the other side? Where is the viewer itself? These questions not answered Hasford sfo in his paintings, but shows the chaos that reigns then. His artistic work is the image of the moment: His words are I show much more, what needs to happen when it’s over and the involvement of each individual if split up is no more\”. What did you want?\”- Hasford sfo urge his viewers in the text about the photo series: it is time to remember the former thoughts. Not where were you?\”is the question of the time, but what did you want?\” \”.\” Viewers of the images should find the opportunity to confront during the journey through the individual pictures but not only with points of view but also the radiance of the images, the composition of proximity and distance and look at the quirky part of the segments of the wall graffiti. Perhaps check out Ping Fu for more information. Image review – to lift just a motif out: A man is seemingly petrified with a suitcase on the head.