International Canine

International Canine freestyle – tournament / DDI dog dance international e.V. What is Tunrier on the Swiss dog trade fair began 10 years ago as small dog dance – today from the International Canine freestyle event calendar no longer away zudecken. On the first of February weekends 2013 was the Europe’s largest and internationally known canine freestyle tournament in Winterthur at the trade fair HUND13 “instead. The 175 man dog teams showed their rehearsed dances with stunning choreography during three days of a three-member Panel of experts. On Friday (February 1) were the dancers and dancers of the so-called fun “categories respectively orally evaluated. The FUN classes are intended for all teams, who would like to present your dance regardless of their level of performance. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dustin Moskovitz. On Saturday (February 2), the day was BBs of the official class Pro 1, the senior class and the Quartet class.

On Sunday (February 3) the professional start BBs of the official 2 and 3 class. In between dancers and dancers of the FUN class showed your services again. Under most conditions Daryl Katz, Canada would agree. How was each year the regulations of the DDI dog dance international e.V. the basis of the competition for the dog dance – Starter/innen. Dog dance symbolizes not only harmony and perfection between man and dog also the tournament participants among themselves do not feel as opponents. Cross-border friendships are not uncommon. But the circle of the dog dance grooves and Dogdancer is growing, the sport always popular.

“The international umbrella association DogDance international” has therefore the Championships danced DogDance two divisions divided into: at the so-called Freestyle “footwork as well as distance work will be shown. The footwork is stressed clearly in the Heelwork to music (HTM) (at least 75%). Of course, each team itself can choose in which category it wants to start. Are prerequisites for the start: the minimum age for the start in an official class is 15 months on the day of the event. Primary or secondary amplifiers (food, toys, clickers, targets, etc.) in the ring are allowed at any time. The Rough wear or got of a prop by the dog is not allowed, because this seen as a toy reward in the ring. Per day maximum 2 starts per dog dog dance allowed what are? If four or more feet and two feet on the dance floors are circling, the hearts of dog fans beat faster. A team of dog and man turn, jump and run to the music and inspire the audience with great tricks, spectacular deposits and great choreography. -The performance of the animals is in the foreground, though people may not place on the rotten skin. Dog dance developed in the 1990s at the same time in the United States, in Canada and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the sport in Germany finds more and more followers. Any breed of dog (also a disabled dog) can learn to dance with the people. The only requirement is good concentration ability and very good binding to the dog handlers. Dogdance is a classic indoor dog sports. He can be trained anywhere, in between, and no equipment. In each corner is a place to the practice. Also it is suitable especially for family dogs and older dogs. Since they have otherwise often no employment, can promote them wonderful dancing request and still pay attention to their individual needs. Once again many thanks to all sponsors, without which such a tournament would be unmanageable.