International Success Of The OneSpace Modeling Personal Edition By CoCreate

OneSpace Modeling PE can be downloaded for free from the Internet, and it can be used as full-featured 3D CAD system. Assemblies with up to 60 parts can be loaded and edited. Click Dustin Moskovitz to learn more. Tens of thousands of users in over 100 countries worldwide have so far benefited from this program. Guests have the opportunity to try out the dynamic difference of CoCreate itself. Almost 90% of the users of the OneSpace Modeling PE had to date no experience with the dynamic modeling based approach of CoCreate.

CoCreate has extended due to the overwhelming success and the increasing interest worldwide program without setting an end date. The software can see are downloaded. The free 3D CAD software is available in English, German, Italian and Japanese. Company profile CoCreate CoCreate Software aimed at leading high-tech companies from electronics and mechanical engineering as well as other innovative companies, which are under intense pressure for market introduction. Many world-wide known manufacturers rely on CoCreate, to a so far not seen before level of speed and flexibility in the development. The approach developed by CoCreate for PLM of third generation (3 G PLM) streamlines the entire process of planning, development and manufacture of products. CoCreate is at the same time global leader of technology for dynamic modelling. Thus, the CoCreate solutions are the ideal platform for lean product development.

The award-winning CoCreate products are used in over 30 countries. For more information about products, services and distribution partners can be found under. CoCreate and OneSpace are trademarks of CoCreate Software GmbH.