Interview With Actor And Director Fitz Van Thom At The DTM

While researching for his new film “Friendship!” Fitz van Thom researched at the German Touring Car Championship in Nuremberg. Nuremberg – it is roaring hot in the pit lane. It is noisy, narrow and dangerous, all the time you have to watch, in order not to be hit by incoming cars. And in the middle is one that you never really know, what he observed, where he looks. The Director and actor Fitz van Thom researched Nuremberg for his current movie project here at the Norisring, and hiding behind his Aviator sunglasses. Nicole Koch has despite this loud backdrop with him talk: NK: according to here! How goes it?-FvT: what? It’s so loud in here! NK: What is your new movie?-FvT: friendship! NK: Interessant-and what is it about?-FvT: to three friends who have a common dream. NK: And what?-FvT: you want to take part in the legendary almost by Le Mans. NK: Aha.-FvT: the problem is that they come from the East and Le Mans is like another planet for them.

NN: A man movie as compensation to Charlotte Roche wetlands?-FvT: I hope that my movie women men u n d. You go to the movies together! NK: So an East race comedy go Trabi go meets days of Thunder?-FvT: for God’s sake, no! I want to lay here no flat, counterfeit Eastern clothing, but a young fresh comedy that appears just in time for the reunion. NK: Some like the East West theme-weary be – FvT: then he should emigrate! How can you be tired of so poignant theme, this is about the country in which we all live together. NK: So there are also current political and social references?-FvT: otherwise it would be absolute – yes an East dud. Seriously, in Germany, a lot is going on, it would be ignorant if they make things non-illuminated. My father is comedian, who has taught me much. NK: you’re OSSI or Wessi?-FvT: Wossi or first half of East, then West. I think how many Wossis or Propis of a two-sided view of things.

NK: What the hell is a ESSI?-FvT: well, the definition no goddamn West Germans who went directly to the reunification in the East are. NK: Who does that?-FvT: the ingenious musician Rainald Grebe for example. NN: Why are you here today?-FvT: well, that I ask myself also! (laughs) I want the atmosphere a little record, because this is already a very special place. NK: What is your biggest dream?-FvT: of course I wish much health of me and my loved ones and my dream is, that my new movie the audience so well, that I am finally again a me charge gasoline can treat. And world peace of course!