Jean Piaget Biography

Born in the bosom of a wealthy family, he was the eldest son of Arthur Piaget and Rebecca Jackson; his father dictated classes as Professor of medieval of the University of Neuchatel history, while his mother suffered from neurosis, situation which I complicated your family life (Ardila, 1989). At the age of ten I build an invention called the autovap, which was a steam car, but nobody took seriously his idea so I spend the time to write his first natural history manuscript called our birds, but his father told him that he was not an original idea, that is why it was not published (Ardila, 1989). His first scientific work was a one page article published in 1907 by the magazine of natural history of the Neuchatel city, at the age of 11 years (Ardila, 1989). I’ve been out their secondary education at school Latin, where term in the year of 1915 at the age of 18, and enroll in the division of science of the University of Neuchatel (Ardila, 1989).

According to Ardila (1989) in 1918, at age 22, Jean Piaget received his Ph.d. in natural sciences with a scholarly thesis on molluscs of Valais. Read more here: Daryl Katz. Piaget traveled to Paris at the age of 22 in 1918, there began working in the laboratory of Binet, where his job was to apply reasoning test to Parisian children, hence began his interest in child development (Ardila, 1989). The research that I do in Paris were reflected in three articles, the first of these was based on the development of the notion of part in the child, and it was published in 1921 in the magazine the Journal de Psychologie (Ardila, 1989)..