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Zebra-tours with YOU in Berlin is for the first time on the Zebra-tours on the YOU, Europe’s largest youth fair, from 9th to 11th October 2009 doing. The organisers expect in about 170,000 mostly young visitors to a wide range of music, lifestyle, sports, and education. Together with the class trip organizer of Senlac tours as well as Oskar learns the Berlin language school English presents its current offer for 2010 Zebra-tours in Hall 1.2. and advises prospective buyers on all issues around the subject of language. Zebra-tours is a specialty tour operator for language courses for young people between 6 and 21 years. This Zebra-Tours offers both trips after England or Malta where also language courses such as language camps within Germany, France or Spain. Special attention is placed on a Germany-wide offer, qualified assistance and comprehensive advice. The constant increase of partner agencies and continuous positive feedback of the customers and participants confirmed Zebra-tours a permanent place on the market the Language travel organizer.

More information about Zebra-tours and trips offered can be found at. Senlac tours is specialty tour operator based in Hastings in southern England for group tours and school trips. Range up to individual travel for teachers colleges, evening schools and clubs throughout the UK from trips on the English South coast and London, according to Ireland or Holland. Through the excellent knowledge on site, an international team and a wide network of partners Senlac tours can’t take excellent and flexible to individual wishes of their customers. All offers aims to arouse interest in different cultures and to promote acceptance and tolerance. More information on Senlac tours and trips offered can be found at school Oskar learns English specialist in early English for children 2 years and older is headquartered in Berlin.

Get in small groups and experience together the children the English language, guided and supervised by our native English speakers. Additionally organises Oskar learns English in the vacation of language camps for children and teenagers between 7 and 15 years. Again, language teaching is done exclusively by English native speakers. English learning more information about the school of Oskar and offered trips to see press contact: Zebra-tours Alexander Maas Altenburger Strasse 7 04275 Leipzig phone: 0341 3500 2860 fax: 0341 3500 2865 email: Web: Zebra-tours is a tour operator for language courses, holiday camps, and youth travel.