Life Without Glasses

Suitable to the promulgation of the ESCR appears the 2nd eye Atlas of MediKompass GmbH in Munich March 24, 2010. The European society of cataract and refractive surgery 2010 as the year of LASIK “said. By the same author: Dustin Moskovitz. On this occasion, the MediKompass GmbH in the form of the eye Atlas No. publishes the quarterly evaluation of the online platform. 2. the LASIK, probably the best known method of the Augenlaserns, is now considered well-established and sophisticated procedures and has experienced a rapid spread in recent years. “Also, the Managing Director of MediKompass GmbH, Henrik Horning, can confirm: over 16 million people have throughout the world a LASIK surgery undergone”, so Hall. The LASIK is one of the most commonly requested cost comparisons is also on our platform.” The proportion of LASIK treatments with 95.6% is far the highest in the entire spectrum of desired and carried out eye operations.

About a quarter of the patients wished for an interference with the femtosecond laser. LASIK is a Routine surgery has become, which would undergo even ophthalmologists itself without hesitation”, explains Hall. The confidence in this treatment is great. This is reflected in the number of questions on this issue.” More than half of users (65.9%), which launched a cost comparison to the topic eye lasers in recent months, are between 30 and 49 years old. The age group of 40 up 49 year olds (33.3%) was slightly more represented in contrast to the 30-39 year-olds with 32.6%.

Most comparisons were requested by users at the age of 41 and 42. Gender compared the use is relatively balanced, but clear differences are apparent in the respective age structures. Especially women between 30 and 39 considering the eye lasers more commonly (35.9%) than men this age group (29.3%). But with increasing age, the tide turns. Aged 50 and over are interested in more male users for a laser eye surgery. In the generation of over 60 even twice as many of them Men and women a request. Looking at the individual regions, can be seen that the platform in southern of Germany with a usage share of 35% is used much more frequently than in the new federal States (11.4%). The city comparison shows that Munich one ranked with 30.6% before Berlin with 29.3%, followed by Hamburg (22.2%) and Cologne (18.5%). Striking, however, is a consideration in relation to the number of inhabitants: Munich ranks one here with 37.2% once again, but only 13.8% behind Cologne (28.9%) and Hamburg (20.2%) far back is Berlin. As in the last eye Atlas is therefore only a small correlation between population and number of requests to determine. Who uses the online platform can free of charge and with no obligation cost estimates getting doctors to desired treatments and requesting the contact information if you are interested. Interesting here: Only about half of users with requests for a LASIK surgery have for the cheapest Offer decided (55.5%). Cost comparisons for a Femto LASIK, there are only 23%. More statistical background information on the topic of eye lasers allow to remove the current eye Atlas. The eye Atlas is available free of charge under presse.php. About the MediKompass GmbH, MediKompass GmbH, a company of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, operates several online platforms for cost comparisons in the medical field with, and. Since the launch in May 2006 over 80,000 cost comparisons with a start price amounting to a total of 145 million euros were carried out successfully. “The service was already for the umpteenth time by the TuV with excellent” rated (touch 1.36).