Liza Eduardo Rodriguez Eduardo Rodriguez

In short it is not what one wants. leaving personal liberty in the hands of others and no one knows better than you what you want, who you are and where you’re headed. A A-Possible rupture with oneself: a Once these people go full tucked in society and driven by thoughts of others attacked them the feeling of being lightheaded or dizzy, everything goes round and round. Why? Obviously, they have been around without imposing a single step of the initiative within, from one place to another to the floor dizzy. It leaves the feeling that you do not dictate your interior, in addition to this feeling, holding hands accompanies anger with himself or herself.

a “Social rejection: a Since being alone listen to our own opinion, being alone for too long we may have our views as the only true, it would be like having your ears filled with wax not listening to others or even a constructive thought. Would be an error and the rejection of those people towards it. What would make your mind willingly went mad for not having to live always with the same routine, she would flee sheltering in madness. And once reached the locuraa we would be at their mercy, again depending. a-Social Phobia: a The feeling of being overwhelmed that can produce is inexpressible, drowns you, makes you feel distant even from yourself, confusion with environment, negative thoughts that affect our performance. a Do you see now clear where the boundaries between social isolation and dependence? a I myself somewhere We find that varying anger because we are changing and needs are not always the same.

a In this section, and discover you do not want to contribute, I’ll just tell you a little method: self-assessment and ask yourself. a do not want to make more simply because everyone must grow from there, as each has its limitations, his acquired knowledge and more or less easily to perform them. As each one must be a self-assessment and discover the same and of itself, as well as some paths to be marked. to oo I do not pretend to tell you that path you take, if I told you deviate one of selfishness, but each one is master of himself and has to do what he wants in his life. Each owns their feet and their steps. I can not give me the steps for you. ” a So, what is said, go ahead with your projects. And much encouragement. Quierete, apreciated. Liza Eduardo Rodriguez Eduardo Rodriguez My name is Liza. Musician, writer and lover of life. I became interested in the depths of our being very young, starting with the music and sticking their feelings they wanted to see the light. From then until now has been a long time, a lot of practice and hard work. My writings are based on our internal studies, which are those with influence on our exterior. Therefore, I see these studies vital that you trust and explain in the form of text.