Market Understood

Experts consider a real “real estate”tag is for the Munich lectures for interested in real estate in the Literaturhaus April 20, 2010. Los gehts at 16.00 at the Literaturhaus. Munich. Property owners in the Literaturhaus on various aspects of the real estate market can check on April 20. At 4: 00, report the typical mistakes in the private real estate sale, a broker and a notary and give valuable tips from their professional practice.

From 19: 00, focus of lectures on modern marketing and pitfalls in the construction contract carrier starts the Munich real estate. Objective of the events should be to convey the exciting Munich real estate market, explains Thomas Aigner, Managing Director of the Aigner Immobilien GmbH. Admission to both events is free. A property is a very valuable property. Owners who want to sell this property, often inadvertently make mistakes. It can cost lots of money and nerves. Who wants to avoid that, you must observe a lot.

A broker of Aigner Immobilien GmbH and a notary free advise owners who want to sell their property privately. The event begins at 4: 00. From 19: 00 lecture series is back focus Munich real estate. The Organizer Aigner Immobilien GmbH, Paproth Metzler & partners and convocat GbR invite real estate interested to find out about current topics. In the evening, the two lectures deal with modern marketing on the Internet and the pitfalls in the construction contract carrier. The Munich real estate focus takes place twice a year. It is aimed mainly to real estate owners, investors and project developers.