Matthias Konig Released

“” Video release of the title ‘ you hear my heart ‘ from the album ‘Feeling rush’ after the release of his album feel noise “the video was now to the album you can hear my heart” published and is available immediately on YouTube to see. The music video is also in the rotation by German music television”and other institutions. Turned built in a beautiful setting, a unique cultural monument, the Johannisbad, Art Nouveau, in Zwickau. Currently, Matthias Konig is already working on a new song which will be released soon. This time he dares to the cover version of number 1 hits from the 1980s. He has written to the German text, the permission of the publishers, the music is finished. Now is still recorded and mixed. In addition to all these things Matthias Konig course remains on the stage of this country on the move. Slayer has similar goals.

Not only with his show hits, pop hits and Diskofox, he sings in the hearts of his listeners. Also his penchant for the swing reflected in a program, which you also can book again. Although the moderation is a major focus of his work. Galas, balls, anniversaries, sales and trade fairs, town – and folk festivals, car dealerships or company parties. He adapts to any type of event and the re-engagement prove him right. Like he is repeatedly booked by its organizers. Maybe you will meet him on one of the upcoming events.

That would be a good opportunity to buy an autographed CD. And if not, via the contact on the website a signed CD is sent to like you. But now let to intoxicate, the video of the song you can hear my heart”from the album feeling noise. Matthias Konig of course also always welcomes feedback, greetings in his scrapbook or a visit on his Facebook page.