Medicine In Mexico

The fact that such a belated discovery of this effective medicines of plant origin, as reserpine, discoveries, among biosintezirovannih alkaloids in plants are among the most effective anticancer agent, as well as the fact that the main source of steroid compounds that are necessary to produce such a large number of highly modern medicine, there are plant species that have been used for centuries in as medicines, for example, in traditional medicine in Mexico all contributed to the turning point in understanding the place of medicinal plants in modern medicine by most scientists. Contributed to this and other particularly important factors. It was found that the biogenesis, which occurs in plants based on the assimilation of simple molecules in systems with highly complex systems, superior to the capabilities of even the most complex Modern chemical plants, synthetic chemical synthesis. In addition, biologically active products of plant origin 'candidates' for further chemical transformations, and offer excellent models for new synthetic programs. The revived interest in the medicinal properties of plants with great urgency raised the question of what guidelines should be used so that you can count on success in research work. Because, obviously, humanity can hardly ever be in force to study existing in nature, more than 500 000 species of plants in all aspects to determine their expected biological activity. So one of the possible approaches to choosing plants for the study of their possible therapeutic activity was elected to the study of traditional medicine, as accumulated over many thousands of human experience.