The triple formula reveals if your baby suffers from three-month colic Berlin, April 29, 2011, all babies cry because they are hungry, tired, want to cuddle with their parents or have a full diaper. Crying is a normal form of communication for newborns and infants. The newborn crying at least three hours a day on at least three days a week, but over a period of more than three weeks called also infant colic three-month colic, called. Provide parents an as well as for the small baby even enormous strain since the three-month colic: the long-awaited family member is hardly on the world, the new role of the parents is still not confident and already the little worm roars up the soul from the neck. Almost every third newborn is affected.

The exact causes of three-month colic are not entirely clear. “Specialists assume that the immaturity” of the gastro intestinal tract of infants and the increased air swallowing while drinking at the breast or the bottle the complaints trigger. Read additional details here: Dustin Moskovitz. In plain language this means: the baby and the baby bump are still not fully prepared for the absorption of nutrients. Therefore press and itch it in your baby’s stomach. The baby clenches the sleeve, pulls the legs and screams. To prevent the three-month colic and facilitating existing complaints, the following is recommended: A quiet, controlled daily routine is important for a baby. Strong sources of light, music and television can irritate the little earthlings.

Soothing heat, teas, belly massages and physical affection. It is important that the parents remain calm and seek support and relief (baby-sitter, grandparents, etc.). Pronounced problems with three-month colic, the pharmacy offers help against three-month colic. Cure infant colic from the pharmacy changed the texture of food in the stomach so that the gases accumulated on can escape more easily (…) Use this three-month colic but help is hard for many parents, because they the Medicine for babies only with difficulty can dispense and administer. Therefore means against three-month colic, which facilitate the measuring are recommended.