Metabolism And Hormones

The growth in the humans is regulated by a denominated hormone GH. The work of this hormone is controlled as well by several metabolic processes that will be able to accelerate or to reduce the effectiveness and speed of the process fomented by her. A good analogy could be the following one: In a motor to explosion, the person in charge of which indeed happens movement is the fuel. But the accelerator is not pressed, or the box of speeds does not offer the optimal relation of speed and power, the vehicle will not move it will do or it very slowly. In the human body this is similar. If we have a correct amount of hormones of growth in blood, but the metabolic processes do not translate them in growth, we will be before a machinery very little efficient.

Very many metabolic conditions exist that could put a brake to him to the function of dependent growth of hormone GH, and within these we found a very particular one that, in spite of being of great incidence, the majority of the times is not considered by the doctors if the picture not it makes evident by other symptoms: the hipotiroidismo. This dysfunction of the thyroid gland produces a diminution of the metabolic rate of all the cells, organs and functions of the body. This diminution hits directly on the capacity of hormone GH to let us grow. So how to grow in height if we suffer this glandular condition? In fact the answer is very simple. She will only be enough whereupon a endocrinlogo specialist identifies and diagnoses this condition for her later treatment, which is based generally on replacing the deficiency of this hormone through the administration of synthetic T4 hormones.

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