New Photo Package To The Development Of The Own Image Archive

With over 2,000 royalty-free photos in a package, the PhotoService creativ collection PhotoService allows to quickly create your own image database. With the new PhotoService, creativ collection Verlag GmbH Freiburg company breaks new ground in the world. Despite the world’s rising tide of images, caused by mergers and cooperation purchases of international photo giants, there are still independent medium-sized photo vendors who can keep up not only good, but expand your business against all trends and to gain additional market share. This company is undoubtedly one of the Freiburger creativ collection, which has been successful on the market for over 35 years. Where is the secret of business? How does this PhotoService of creativ collection? The answers that are the Freiburger Publisher management, sound easy: first rule: fill anyone with image dimensions. Instead intelligent inserted subject selections with the effect: no hours searching, no frustrating rooting in the scrap. Second Rule: No price hullabaloo, but transparent, simple pricing with faster payback of costs for the customer.

Third rule: no confusion of terms with tricks and limited rights, but a clear, temporally and spatially unlimited right of use unlimited Edition. Basically, the photos are the user always and immediately, and without retroactive billing available. Description of the new creativ collection PhotoService – In the basic work motifs are sorted into 12 basic topics 2000. All important areas of application for advertising, editorial and PR are that reason. -The basic theme: People (with the sub topics family, children, seniors, lifestyle, beauty, etc.), business/medical technology/environmental, Sports/Fitness, food, party, nature/animals, architecture/landscape, travel/world, backgrounds/eye-catchers/concepts. -Costs: All 2000 photos of the basic work costs, including all rights of use according to the license terms, net 789,-, this means: A royalty-free photo fix and finish machined in high res posters quality comes up 0.40 NET. -Updates: updates appear regularly In the framework of the PhotoService (4-6 x per year), for which there is no acceptance obligation: the customer can at any time to interrupt the relationship or to continue.