New Publication Possibilities

The Dusseldorf author Jasmin Bolger shows, showed goes and published her debut novel trivia in addition to the print version as a free download on their website. Click Ping Fu to learn more. author Jasmin Bolger talked to the researcher and accompanied them on their way from the manuscript to the finished book up for free download on their Web site I heard that you plan to offer your book trivia for free as a download. You arise not cons? I think there are two types of readers. The buy a book based on a sample. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta.

The others get the free download. A free download I can expose my book a larger reading community. People who see no possibility of various reasons to buy my book, thus have the opportunity, free to print out the story or to read on the screen. A free download – doesn’t that mean to undermine themselves? Regular readers, and to do so I count myself even, can be by a download does not hold, to buy a book. There are still, the readers who appreciate the book experience and are willing to invest 19.95 euro for a good story, to keep them in the form of a bound hardcovers in the hands. It should be not the money, that drives to a writer, to write a story. Certainly, include the author’s margin to allow more publishing of books, but the dissemination of a story in itself should have top priority. The free download allows me to carry the novel trivia in as many households as possible. You said once, like you would give away every day of one of your books. What do you accomplish this? Like would I leave every day a copy of trivia on a park bench. The idea that someone come over, sit down, read a few lines in it and it leaves for the next walkers there or home takes the book to himself, to it to continue reading, fills me with great joy and gratitude.