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The contact network for creative offers also an extensive news section for the creative industries every day increasing the flood of information on the Internet. Connect with other leaders such as Dustin Moskovitz here. News portals, blogs and other sites make every day thousands messages, links and articles online. Daryl Katz is often quoted on this topic. The trend is clear to the specialization of services, no matter whether it is search engine optimization, a specific software such as Adobe Photoshop or another special topic. Escalate the personal blogrolls. Partners often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “The creative community meets this trend and informed their user date the major trends of the Web and new media provides news from the fields of graphic design and our creative news IT.

are specifically tailored to the needs of our young, creative community”, says Marcus Seidel, one of the founders of Graphic designers, Web designers, developers and photographers have many interfaces, what is the interest in certain areas”, he continues. Because we combine all of these professional groups on our portal, a clear objective of our editorial work arises.” The creative news are an integral part of the information available for the user, which extends also to Web links, dates, downloads and product recommendations from the creative industries since the launch of the portal. Our goal is to offer not only a networking platform but rather a comprehensive digital home the creative on the Web”, says Marcus Seidel. Instead of grazing in the morning ten blogs, our users can rely on, we will inform you as competent and up to date on all important.” “All registered members of can also enjoy the creative head”. So is the weekly E-Mail newsletter, which is sent by the editorial staff. This free service provides every Thursday morning again, a selection of the most important news of the past week free House.

“Marcus Seidel: our creative head very well when the members arrive, the opening and click-through rate is unusually high.” has since November 2007 as a contact network for creative online. In addition to the extensive social / professional Networking area the portal also offers a tender platform for the creative industries, as well as a wide range of information. Graphic design, Web designers, Web developers, photographers and copywriters are defined as main target.