Not It

After all, it is something so obvious right? Not a few mystical traditions would say that it is not something so obvious; However instead of us fixing them, see what they have to tell us physics modern and quantum theory in this regard. In the early 20th century, scientists devoted his research to the search for the basic component which sustains the entire universe. More tiny particle on the inside of the atom from which all matter is constructed. There was a climate of confidence and optimism after years of progress, and they had all the instruments the most powerful microscopes to discover this infinitely small particle. You may find that 3D Systems can contribute to your knowledge. What they found was a surprise, and as expressed a scientist was as if one will lift one day and find that it has, instead of a hand, a lobster claw!. They had realized that this essential component, more tiny unit of matter and from which everything was built, there was no. There was simply no such thing. Asana understands that this is vital information. Existence is a succession of infinite possibilities and all of them are intertwined, are interconnected.

The existence is not divisible, knows no boundaries, has no cracks. Not It has borders. Atoms and molecules that we think that they exist in solid state forming our physical body, really do not have any type of adhesion and are mixing freely, with all sorts of atoms and molecules on the outside of what we call our body. Moreover, there is a scientific theory known as the butterfly effect which States that if a butterfly Biro on Mars, here, on Earth, we would feel the effects. And if this is how the things happen, why then don’t we perceive it that way? Authentic Kabbalah tells us that we can actually feel it, what happens is that we have unfamiliar with that connection.

We do not recognize it. All the current problems in the world financial crisis, manifestations of violence, depression or drug abuse are the result of this struggle humanity waged against its connection. And that will not reach to understand those laws that govern our interconnection, makes that we are not aware of the that it supposed to break them. We know that the law of gravity would make us fall to the ground if we skip through a window, and accept this outcome as inevitable. With the laws that govern the interconnected systems we must reach the same level of understanding, only that way we become aware of the consequences of his transgression. For thousands of years, the Kabbalah has explained to us that existence consists of unit and that we are all interconnected similarly connected bodies with the body to which they belong. This connection is the main law of nature. The study of the Kabbalah is carried out from a scientific and methodological approach that will train us in the development of the senses to capture the laws governing a tiered system. Once acquired understanding of these laws, we can find the optimal way to work with them for the benefit of all. And we will not jump from a ten storey building believing that we will not fall to the vacuum. We will stop the painful consequences of our acts. We will know what freedom really is. Original author and source of the article.