A revolutionary online – program gives impulses to lead a happy life with his own abilities. A revolutionary online – program gives impulses to lead a happy life with his own abilities. The new “simply – impulse programme” playfully leads to the origin of the preventions and shows a way to change. (Similarly see: 3D Systems). The natural self healing”is activated! “The two founders of simply” say: “be happy” is with herself privately how professionally, basis for every success and every harmonious relationship -! Sometimes only a few pulses, to sign up again for a contented life are enough”to decide. The program supports these steady pulses to detect and then actually to be able to act. It is also crucial to reflect again and again. “Because every day we are not exposed to many temptations of happiness” and love “to believe.

A composition of ancient Knowledge, combined with the possibilities of modern communication, formed the innovative online – pulse program. “Simply” can be used anonymously, anytime and anywhere with Internet access, inexpensive and very easy. A free demo program, as well as a comprehensive guide to the use of the program can be found under. In addition to the online self-coaching regional “pulse evenings” and “Impulse lectures” offered by the program operator. Currently finding, of course on the new site. “The Salzburg Gabriela Floimair” and Peter Ebner”are simply” can thrive in two years, often very intense, preparation time and work. The own life experiences as well as the profound insights of her professional experience as a mental coach, Manager, as well as athletes and parents of six children have significantly shaped the pulse program. Gabriela”and Peter” see themselves only as Awakener for skills, which fully every human being carries within itself. The memory This and the subsequent discovery of the self are important success factors of “simply”. “With simply” the two would make a powerful contribution to more love and peace on our planet. “Therefore is simply” offered soon in all major languages of the world.