When we set ourselves to perform removals on our own, think of the material we will need, in the things that we will bring in rental vans for removals, in how you organize packages inside the van, getting material for packing but forget about one important aspect: how the moves affect our health. So today, in the section dedicated to the removals and transfers that we want to start this article, want to devote a chapter to give different advice so that our body and mind do not suffer any detriment: from planning the move in advance to avoid nerves to distribute the weight properly. When we start moving, and if we do it on our own, we have to be very farsighted and organized to avoid stressful situations from arising. Let us remember that nerves aren’t good companions and can result in stressful situations, discussions and even loss of objects. To avoid the nerves should be that we organize everything with time, nothing of leaving it to the last two days.

Therefore it is highly recommended to start early to pack those objects that we will not use in the short term, for example the clothing from other seasons, occasional use appliances, toys, etc. It should also let the day of the transfer to children with a family member or friend to avoid that they are in the Middle armando jaleo. Another recommendation is renting the van with time. If we can assure us from the first moment as well as avoid possible hassles when, for whatever reason, our rental Office does not have availability, what is clear is that the sooner we make the rent, us cheaper cost. So remember come on organizational aspects so that, come the day, everything is much easier. Another important aspect is that of the lesions. We must not forget that if we are going to perform the full transfer ourselves will make a great effort in a short time, and in addition we will be lifting weight continuously, one of the worst things for our back.