If the diversities will be integrated around an only commitment, the company will be always ready to manage the changes that will be necessary. This with a strong organizacional culture is only obtained, where the people have the values and spread principles of the company of clear form, where all have pride to be part of a transparent and focada organization in the success. 3.1.1Ferramentas that help in the change in the Culture of the I.Clareza Organization of objectives, values and principles: Where the company has its clear objectives, defined, formal established and guided for medium and long run. To give certain, the company must make with that all employees have access to its objectives, to have definite the values and principles, being relembrados periodically (Former monthly meeting), this assists in the change process and its return can be of average stated period, case divulged and applied well. II.Imagem of products services: Degree where some public (internal and external) perceive the offered product quality and services. The external customer is not enough to have perception of the company, but also the employees, ' ' venda' ' intern is very important, spreading of projects that are being executed, conquests, details on the quality of its products and services, must be of the knowledge of the internal and external customers, making with that the employee has pride of its work. Its result in the change can be noticed in the long stated period.

It must also be worked constantly, to keep the informed employees. III.Integrao and communication: Where the structure of the organization allows the internal communication enters the diverse levels of simple and opened form. Also having the contribution and half existing partnership as as mutual aid, being in such a way internally (employee) how much external (supplying). The flexible communication, between subordinate and managers, in case that the company will be very closed will be given in a period of long stated period, however being a little more flexible, she will be given in the short or average stated period.